Industrial platforms development

Speed up the development of your industrial software system

Modern industrial systems are becoming more and more complex. Multiple hardware and software components must work in a coordinated manner, interaction scenarios may significantly vary from case to case. The system has to be able to configure equipment, business logic, and HMI according to specific customer requirements. Efficient development tools with high usability and a wide range of diagnostic instruments are an essential part of such solutions.

Therefore, suppliers create customizable platforms with the ability to adapt to different environments, implement specific client scenarios, and create a specialized GUI. Addressing these challenges requires special experience to maintain a balance between flexibility and ease of use.

Our expertise

We have solid experience in the development of reliable and flexible platforms for different industrial domains. Our solutions allow to integrate, customize and visualize equipment from different vendors, control dataflows, create GUI, analyze industrial datasets, etc.

Below you can find some samples of the components we created both for our products and for customer systems.

1. Graphical interface editors:

HMI panels editors. Creation of custom panels directly in the browser.
Automated GUI generator. Generation of schemes and diagnostic panels with zero effort.

2. Configuration solutions:

Automated calibration and parameterization of complex customized systems. Minimization of time for equipment setup and setting.
Automated setting of equipment to work in line with different standards. Simplification of integration of devices and control software.

3. Workflow control solutions:

Integrated script editors. Acceleration of code writing and automatic error detection.
Operating procedures editors. Development and visualization of work processes using standard workflow elements and specialized blocks.

4. Assessment tools:

Interactive debugging tools. Quick way to find and fix bugs.
Operating procedures validators. Fast troubleshooting of the workflow processes.

5. Data analysis instruments:

Formula libraries. Fast and easy way to find and use different special formulas in calculations.
Report templates. Convenient representation and interpretation of large volumes of production data.
Data analytics tools. Delivering value from a large set of specific industrial data.

Vast engineering experience enables us to meet the complex challenges:

Quick understanding

Quick understanding of domain area

Create solutions

Create consistent integrated solutions

Development process

Adopt and integrate into the development process

Migrate solutions

Migrate existing desktop solutions to the web environment

Develop software components

Develop the software components on different levels

New ideas

Bring new ideas from different industrial domains

Accelerate and simplify the development of advanced engineering solutions

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