Test and Measurement Software

Enhance your test and measurement equipment with intelligent software

Development of custom software for test and measurement equipment

Applied Systems creates software for manufacturers of test and measurement equipment for the automotive, energy and HVAC industries. Our skills and knowledge cover the following areas:

Multi-level HMI, and more

Applied Systems develops custom software that enables companies to analyze and visualize large data volumes collected from a variety of measurement devices.

Speed up and support decision-making
Reduce the time spent on system performance analytics
Real-time recording and processing of large data flows
Simultaneous measurement of data received from multiple devices
An independent and reusable add-on that:
receives and records data
builds compound graphs in real time
allows comparison and monitoring of data collected from different sources both during and after test completion
Convenient measurement data visualization
Automated generation and easy sharing of reports in DOC, XLS and PDF
Multiple analytics options:
Quick data flow analysis
Mathematical filters and result analysis
Detection of out-of-range values
Post-mortem data analysis

To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, Applied Systems builds custom software that helps automate diagnostics and calibration of measurement equipment of any complexity.

Reduce the time spent on planning and performing calibration
Ensure continuous and flawless operation of your equipment
Minimize the cost of equipment calibration
Leverage easy-to-grasp data visualization
Planning and execution of equipment calibration activities
Scheduled checking and calibration
Automated calibration
Monitoring of automated self-diagnostic tests
Standard-compliant reports
History of diagnostics and calibration results
Health checking of test and measurement equipment
Detection of potential equipment issues
Remote troubleshooting and fixing

Applied Systems helps manufacturers of test and measurement equipment develop software for automated configuration and parameterization that can be easily adopted by both non-tech savvy staff and software engineers.

Reduce commissioning and installation time
Avoid human errors
Smoothly integrate your new configuration and parameterization solution with existing hardware and software
Extend your configuration with new equipment without writing a line of code
Equipment configuration wizards
Hierarchically structured trees of categorized components
Powerful editors for logic flowcharts and hardware diagrams
Structured component libraries with version control
Ample scripting facilities

Featured Projects

High-performance trend viewer for real-time data analysis
Data visualization and analytics tool to provide advanced insights based on the abundance of measurement data collected from multiple devices.
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High-performance trend viewer for real-time data analysis
Automated Calibration Software for Emission Test Systems
Software that helps the client to speed up calibration and minimize costs while ensuring compliance with emission standards.
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Automated Calibration Software for Emission Test Systems
Configuration Software for Emission Testing Systems
With the help of Applied Systems’ configuration software, the client reduced equipment configuration time for their multi-million dollar product from 3 days to 2-3 hours.
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Configuration Software for Emission Testing Systems

Why Choose Applied Systems for Measurement Software Development

Deep domain expertise. A 20-year experience in developing measurement solutions that power software and hardware using a wide range of devices, platforms and protocols.
Vendor trusted by industry leaders. For more than 10 years, Applied Systems has been a trusted partner to the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive instrumentation and test systems.
Reliability. We have been able to deliver measurement software that outlives the computers that run them.

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