Automated software testing services

We help you automate software QA and testing when manual just won’t do

Your benefits

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Reduce the time spent on execution of tasks that are repetitive and mostly unchanging from cycle to cycle.
Extended test coverage

Extended test coverage

Implement automation when manual testing is impossible (load and stress testing), impractical (data-driven testing), or limited due to project complexity and size (regression testing).
Higher team happiness

Higher team happiness

Let your team focus on challenging and creative tasks instead of demotivating manual routine.
Improved accuracy

Improved accuracy

Reduce mistakes that even the most conscientious experts make during monotonous manual testing.
Faster decision-making

Faster decision-making

Get quick insights into the overall quality of builds and decide whether to go for deeper testing or not.
Increased ROI

Increased ROI for larger projects

Achieve the long-term testing cost reduction and reallocate resources to other tasks.
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Automated software testing allowed us to get rid of time-consuming manual operations like environment configuration, test launch, preparing test sequences, reporting, analysis, and processing of bugs. Thus, I am maximizing the use of time and assign my team more creative tasks.

Application areas

Regression testing
Configuration testing
Unit testing
System testing
Installation testing
Load and stress testing
Stability/endurance/soak tests
Desktop automated testing

Automated desktop testing

We have the skillset needed to tame the diversity of platforms and environments while creating automated tests for Windows and macOS applications.
Web automated testing

Automated web testing

We enable our clients to ensure a flawless user experience across multiple browsers and devices, be it a simple web app or a fast-growing SaaS solution.

Our approach

To help our clients succeed in test automation, we have worked out a comprehensive approach called SDE – Strategize, Develop, Execute.


Creating a winning test automation strategy

Analyzing test requirements
Assessing infrastructure
Identifying highest ROI scenarios
Choosing the right automation tools


Developing and configuring a test automation framework

Implementing a test automation framework
Configuring a test environment
Designing and developing automated tests


Bringing your strategy to life

Using Octopus™, our fully-fledged test control system
Monitoring test performance and reporting results
Integrating into the continuous delivery (CD) cycle

Test Automation Toolset

Microsoft .Net
Microsoft Visual Studio
Visual Studio
Test Complete
Test Complete


Test Automation Solution for a Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Test and Measurement Equipment

The client reduces testing efforts by 75% with the help of a test automation framework developed by Applied Systems.

Ocleen.TV Outsources QA to Achieve a 2x Speedup in Product Development

ocleen.TV delivers its TV advertising system 2X times faster with Applied Systems quality assurance services.

Why automate with Applied Systems

10 years
10+ years of hands-on experience
We have been providing test automation services since 2006.
Microsoft test automation tools
Proficiency in Microsoft test automation tools
We are a Microsoft Silver partner in Application Development.
Out-of-the-box automation solution
Out-of-the-box automation solution
We developed Octopus – an automated test control system.
Go-to vendor
Go-to vendor for large projects
We automated testing in long-term projects with globally distributed teams.
Complex systems
Experience with complex systems
We performed test automation for multi-component software-hardware systems.
Industry knowledge
Industry knowledge
We power the automotive, energy and hi-tech industries.

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