ocleen.TV, a dynamic startup based in Karlsruhe specializing in personalized advertising and ad-sponsored TV services, sought a seasoned partner proficient in offshore software testing to support its endeavors.

The client's objective was to create a cloud-based backend system for personalized TV advertising. To meet project deadlines, a globally distributed team was assembled, comprising software development in Ukraine, quality assurance in Belarus, and project coordination in Germany.

Quality assurance activities faced several distinct challenges:

• Limited testing documentation availability;
• The intricate nature of numerous components and complex interfaces expanded the integration testing scope;
• No reference points existed for similar solutions or prototypes.

A dedicated team of three QA engineers rigorously tested the cloud-based backend system, encompassing an advert server, a profiling server, ad editing software on a set-top box, and an Android app. Various testing types were executed, encompassing functional and non-functional (usability, performance, and stress testing), component, integration, and system testing.

The SCRUM-based software development process enabled rapid responses to evolving requirements and facilitated regular feedback and reporting to the client. Utilizing nightly builds, the team efficiently addressed major regressions within each sprint. Additionally, automating UI tests with the Robotium Android test automation framework resulted in a 50% reduction in testing time.

Outsourcing quality assurance played a pivotal role in streamlining product development and refining the workflow of the globally distributed team.
Detailed testing documentation facilitated harmonized efforts across the project team. Concurrent manual and automated testing accelerated build releases twofold. The project team delivered the alpha version of the system in three months, instead of the anticipated six months, with the final solution implemented within seven months.