Condition Monitoring Software

Monitor and maintain machinery effectively

In the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturers demand much higher productivity of their equipment and go for smart factory scenarios. This makes condition monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) more important than ever to minimize downtime and maximize performance.

Since 1997, we’ve been providing industrial software to help machinery-intensive industries capture, process and analyze real-time streaming data. Our solutions help to cut maintenance costs and increase production output by preventing equipment failures and predicting malfunctions.

The benefits of equipment condition monitoring

Extended equipment lifecycle
Extended equipment lifecycle
Longer maintenance intervals
Longer maintenance intervals
Prediction of equipment failures
Prediction of equipment failures
Simpler identification
Simpler identification of failures and their root causes
Spare parts
Effective handling of spare parts
Preemptive notifications
Preemptive alarm notifications
Control of industrial operations
Closer control of industrial operations
Management of key maintenance activities
Easier management of key maintenance activities

Our expertise

Applied Systems brings expertise in real-time measurement and process visualization. Our solutions enable real-time processing of critical parameters used in assessing the current health of equipment and detecting potential failures in industrial machinery.

Propheto Condition Monitoring Platform

Our modular condition monitoring platform Propheto integrates with existing processes and control systems to automatically capture critical data and make it actionable in real time. The Propheto platform can be extended with advanced data analytics modules (for real-time and predictive analytics). Its components can also help speed up development of complex control systems.
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Condition monitoring platform

Case Study: Propheto used by the world's second largest producer of potash fertilizers.

Applied Systems customized the Propheto platform for a shaft hoisting installation. The solution automatically collects, stores and visualizes measurements, such as mine skip position, speed, acceleration, slope, operational status and other hoist operating parameters.

This mining monitoring system records machine data in real time and visualizes it, providing aggregated customizable reports to the shaft personnel and management team.

Why develop your condition monitoring software with Applied Systems:

Building solutions

Building complex control solutions for 20+ years since 1997

Full-cycle software development

Full-cycle software development, from gathering requirements to implementation, testing, and post-launch support of industrial control systems

Experience across multiple industries

In-depth experience across multiple industries: mining, automotive, energy, HVAC, healthcare, and more

Flexible solutions

Delivery of flexible solutions, either by integrating an extension into an existing system or developing an end-to-end solution

Proficiency in Agile

Proficiency in Agile and ability to easily adapt to changing requirements throughout the development process

Enhance maintenance with condition monitoring software

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