Industrial data analytics

Refining your «data oil»

Today, data is the new oil. The ability to extract a meaningful context from accumulated data is the key business success factor.

Industrial data analytics can help to save time and money by optimizing equipment maintenance, production processes and supply chains. It can also help generate new cash flows through improved product quality and new business models.

Industrial data analysis system

Challenges of industrial data analysis:

Preparing data
Preparing data

Modern industrial facilities generate volumes of data from different sensors, automation systems and other sources. However, most of this data won’t be ready for immediate analysis. It might be incomplete, inconsistent, distributed across many storages, recorded at an inconvenient granularity, etc. Prior to analysis, the data must be cleansed and reorganized.

Adopting an analytical infrastructure
Adopting an analytical infrastructure

The market offers a variety of data processing tools, both open-source and proprietary. Each has its own pros and cons, as well as  integration capabilities. It takes time to ensure the interoperability between such diverse tools and build a productive analytical environment.

Developing user-facing analytical applications
Developing user-facing analytical applications

Solving specific domain-related tasks requires dedicated software. Ultimately, the efficiency of data analysis depends on how convenient and user-friendly this software is. The development team should have both advanced software design skills and first-hand awareness of the industrial specifics.

Our experience

Since 1997, Applied Systems has been developing software solutions for data-intensive industries such as Automotive, Mining, Energy, HVAC, Healthcare and more. We have a solid experience in the following data processing areas:
Creating models of equipment and business processes;
Development of solutions for data acquisition, storage and visualization;
Development of tools for real-time analytics allowing to filter and harmonize a large data stream;
Development of analytical tools that provide a convenient representation and interpretation of large volumes of production data.

In addition, we carry out research and analysis of the infrastructure tools for big data transmission, storage and processing (M2M communication, IoT platforms, cloud storage, machine learning, etc.).

For each business scenario, we choose the optimal toolset based on our knowledge and practice.

How we can work together

Real time data analytics system

We assist in solving our customers’ specific problems taking into account particular issues of their industrial domain. Our mission is to fully support your data analysis so that your specialists can focus on making effective data-driven business decisions.

Applied Systems helps to collect and transform data from different sources, to develop tools for visualizing and analyzing data, to create models and test assumptions.

Enhance your analytical power with technology

Get in touch with our team if you are looking for a reliable partner to develop your industrial data analytics solution.