The customer is a leading Austrian-based provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for vehicle emission testing in the automotive industry with a staff of more than 10,000 people and facilities in 45 countries worldwide.

Any complex automated system needs a component to visualize data flows, control the execution of processes and measurements or simply monitor activities. Modern data visualization techniques allow to analyze the trends in real-time and promptly respond to valuable changes with appropriate measures and on time.
The customer wanted to develop a convenient and high-performance component for real-time and historical data analysis to use it in their automotive emission testing system.


The customer`s system designed to control complex equipment generating a vast amount of data. The trend viewer allows users to analyze real-time and historical data from hundreds of measuring channels with high dataflow rate (frequency up to 10000 Hz).
The component was implemented as an ActiveX control using the C++ according to the customer requirements.
We paid special attention to usability because convenient visualization allows to minimize the time required for performance monitoring and malfunction diagnostics.

Main features:

• Multiple axes on the same graph;
• Various types of plots (data-time and data-data);
• Ability to connect data sources on the fly;
• Real-time statistical data analysis;
• Various chart styles;
• Different modes of zooming;
• Easily export of data to a file or database.

We have developed the trend viewer according to the requirements and on time thanks to close cooperation with the customer team and quick feedback.


The high-performance tool provides an opportunity to process large amounts of data by performing an analysis of real-time and historical records.
Our ActiveX control has been successfully integrated into the emission testing system as a key component. The advantages of our solution prompted the customer to use it in other products.