Our customer, a prominent Austrian-based provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for vehicle emission testing in the automotive industry, boasts a global presence with over 10,000 employees and facilities in 45 countries.

In the realm of complex automated systems, a crucial component is needed for visualizing data flows, controlling process and measurement executions, and monitoring activities. Leveraging modern data visualization techniques is essential for real-time trend analysis, enabling timely responses to valuable changes. The customer sought to develop a convenient and high-performance component for real-time and historical data analytics within their automotive emission testing system.

The customer's system manages complex equipment that generates a substantial amount of data. Our trend viewer, implemented as an ActiveX control using C++, enables users to analyze real-time and historical data from hundreds of measuring channels, even with high dataflow rates (up to 10,000 Hz).

Special attention was given to usability, ensuring that convenient visualization minimizes the time required for performance monitoring and malfunction diagnostics.

Main features:

  • Multiple axes on the same graph;
  • Various types of plots (data-time and data-data);
  • Ability to connect data sources on the fly;
  • Real-time statistical data analysis;
  • Various chart styles;
  • Different modes of zooming;
  • Easy export of data to a file or database.

Our high-performance trend viewer efficiently processes large volumes of data, conducting real-time and historical record analysis. Successfully integrated into the emission testing system as a key component, our ActiveX control's advantages prompted its use in other products, showcasing its adaptability and effectiveness.

This advanced trend viewer exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative solutions for real-time data analytics, empowering businesses to glean actionable insights from their measurement data across diverse devices.