Human machine interface

Control industrial equipment efficiently

HMI for Complex Industrial Equipment

An effective human machine interface (HMI) provides active decision support for advanced productivity and reliability of industrial equipment.

We help our clients deploy a productive, consistent and user-friendly HMI for the following purposes:

Microsoft .Net
control and calibration
Microsoft Visual Studio
hardware diagnostics
system maintenance
cloud visualization
Test Complete
IoT solutions

Our solutions can increase the accuracy of the personnel’s decisions and streamline the execution of commands while driving the decision-making process.

Desktop automated testing

Operator’s advantages of a functional HMI:

Finding critical data faster
Making decisions quicker
Reducing errors
Speeding up troubleshooting
Reducing the onboarding and learning periods
Desktop automated testing

What we bring in your HMI:

Usability: It provides a user-friendly and ergonomic GUI
Simplicity: It can be used even by an inexperienced operator
Flexibility: It is easy to extend, configure and support according to your operator’s experience and tasks
Multi-platform deployment: It works seamlessly across web, desktop, mobile and embedded devices
Multi-language options: It supports multiple languages in line with your requirements

Our expertise in HMI development

With solid experience in GUI & HMI development for industrial automation, we help our clients to develop and reengineer multi-platform, multi-lingual HMI systems to meet their particular goals and requirements.

We develop all the necessary functionality to control and analyze the operations of complex industrial systems at every level:

Individual set of visualization
An individual set of visualization panels for each equipment component
Direct access
Direct access to the settings and service information of each equipment component
Management of activities and notifications
Management of system activities and alarm notifications
Monitoring of logic in graphic flowcharts
Monitoring of the system’s business logic in graphic flowcharts
Equipment diagrams and interactive controls
Diagrams of controlled equipment and interactive control elements that display the current state of the equipment components and allow changing it with one click
Other functions
Other functions according to your requirements

Our approach

Rapid prototyping. We are well-versed in a variety of tools for dynamic, interactive prototyping to align the HMI in progress with your vision.
Agile methodology. We can effectively handle changes in project requirements and quickly react to evolving market demands.
Quality-first approach. Our scrupulous quality assurance processes and extensive experience in automated testing help us deliver high-quality results.
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Our Featured Projects


Sophisticated HMI Solution for Automotive Measurement and Control Systems

Applied Systems designed and built a custom HMI system for automotive measurement and control systems.

Configuration Software for Measurement Systems

Applied Systems delivered the sample of a system for automatic generation of convenient HMIs based on a particular device configuration. The software generates device schemes, enabling monitoring and control of every component.

Why develop HMI with Applied Systems

Hands-on experience
20+ years of hands-on experience: We have been developing HMIs since 1997
Expertise in complex systems
Expertise in complex systems: We deliver HMIs for multi-component software/hardware systems
Industry knowledge
Industry knowledge: We are experienced in automotive, mining, energy, HVAC, healthcare and other industries
UI/UX development tools
Proficiency in UI/UX development tools: We use advanced software for rapid HMI prototyping, development and testing, being able to incorporate changes to the design layout at an early stage

Drive decision-making with effective HMI

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop an HMI, get in touch with our team.