Propheto – Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Platform

Maximize industrial system availability

Industrial equipment gets more and more complex, and so does its maintenance. The latter usually takes up around 60% of the total lifecycle cost, but downtime due to breakdowns may impose even larger expenses. To reduce costs, manufacturers tap into preventive maintenance based on individual monitoring of a particular production unit.

Key benefits of predictive maintenance:

Increase machinery availability
Increase machinery availability and operational effectiveness
Saving resources and time
Reduce time to repair and maintenance costs
Increase quality and performance
Increase product quality and equipment performance
Decrease downtime and failures
Decrease downtime and failures

Our solution

The Propheto platform offers all the elements needed to build condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions.

Open modular software architecture

Propheto’s well-thought-out design, with a distinct separation of the data persistence, data visualization and business logic layers, allows for easy extension and adjustment to a wide range of solutions.

Main features of the platform
Main features of the platform
Open interface for integrating new measurement devices or external systems
Localization system that makes it easy to switch between languages
Database model working with various databases
Visualization tools for real-time data analysis
Data warehouse that provides the interface for the predictive analytics system
User interface that can be customized for specific application tasks
Convenient tool set for handling events and errors
User management system with multiple user roles and rights
DataHub system that enables high-speed data transfer between devices and real-time analysis blocks
Adaptable control logic for adjusting the calculated values as well as set accepted and erroneous levels for the measured and calculated channels

Propheto – the core of your complex equipment maintenance solution

Applied Systems has extensive experience in developing complex solutions for measurement and equipment control systems. We took advantage of this knowledge to build Propheto so you can significantly accelerate the development of your smart equipment maintenance systems.

We can support your project at any stage, from design and development to testing and support – either alone or in cooperation with your development center.

Enhance maintenance with smart monitoring software

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop your condition monitoring and predictive maintenance system, get in touch with our team.