Universal platform for automation of material accounting

The platform is intended to monitor the movement of accounting materials along the production chain and automate routine document management tasks.

The platform significantly simplifies and accelerates the acquisition, analysis, and documentation of data about accounting materials for strictly regulated industries such as food, pharmaceutical, nuclear, radioactive wastes, biotechnology to ensure traceability compliance.

Automation of material control
Automation of material control considering highly specialized industry-specific tasks of the enterprise
possibility to expand the platform
Possibility to expand the platform functionality to ensure maximum compliance with the enterprise business processes using onsite configuration mechanism
Easy configuration of the system
Easy configuration of the system for non-standard specific business processes
Accelerating and simplifying reporting documentation
Accelerating and simplifying the management of regulatory and reporting documentation
Platform for automation of material accounting Platform for automation of material accounting Platform for automation of material accounting Platform for automation of material accounting


Monitoring of accounting materials

Basic operations with accounting materials (registration, transfer, withdrawal from equipment list, etc.
Virtual reflection of inventory management processes of any complexity

Automation of document management

Maintaining the organization's employee directory
Management of the premises and equipment list

Compatibility with enterprise control systems

Automated generation of documentation with the central document management system integration
Control of service data with seamless connection to a centralized reference data management system

Ensuring data security

Fulfillment of information security requirements for restricted access system
Interaction with tamper indication devices
Platform for automation of material accounting


Industrial companies

Industrial companies

Regulatory agencies

Regulatory agencies

Research institutes

Research institutes


Universality The system can be used on objects of different sizes and complexity. Medium-large objects are preferable
Adaptability All operations with accounted materials can be easily reconfigured to the changing regulations
Scalability The ability to expand the functionality of the system without making significant changes in code
Updating The system supports the ability of updating and automated self-diagnostics
User-friendly interface The system provides a convenient visual representation of the locations of accounting materials
Support Technical support both during pre-commissioning activities and during the operation
Localization All forms, documents, reports, and user data can be presented in different languages

Accelerate and simplify the development of advanced engineering solutions

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