Parameterization of complex multilevel testing systems

The growing industrial automation and increasing complexity of products put more stress on the testing systems used during product development and production.

To improve the quality standards means to increase the accuracy of measurements by making test procedures more varied and up-to-date.

The challenges:

Country of operation
The need to meet the regulations of each country of operation
Variety of equipment
The variety of equipment, calibration and configuration modes in use
Significance of features
The significance of the features in particular testing units.

As a result, each test procedure needs a multidimensional matrix of parameters and settings, which requires special software to handle it.

The features of parameterization software:

Ability to separate groups
The ability to separate groups of settings from each other
Full check
Full check for data consistency
Convenient data visualization
Convenient data visualization and editing tools
Preliminary planning
Preliminary planning of test procedures

The benefits of parameterization software:

Save time
It saves time on preparing and developing test procedures
Simplification of testing procedure
It simplifies test procedures
Complex measuring equipment
It optimizes the use of complex measuring equipment

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