Automation of configuration and parameterization in the production of complex customized systems

Today, users have a variety of customization options when it comes to complex products, and this spills over into their expectations about industrial equipment too.

Manufacturers of complex equipment have made a big step forward organizing the production process on a modular basis, which makes it easy to adapt equipment to the end user. But as a result, it creates billions of possible combinations of equipment settings, since practically every product becomes unique by its characteristics and capabilities.

A manufacturer must solve the following problems:

Adaptive assembly and testing
Adaptive assembly and testing
Consistent control
Consistent control over software configuration
Unique technical manuals
Preparation of unique technical manuals

Specialized production support software addresses these challenges. It helps to organize assembling and adjusting of customized products based on the customer’s application.

Such software can build a model of the future equipment to:

Electrical circuits and mechanical schematics
Generate electrical circuits and mechanical schematics of equipment
List necessary components
List necessary components
Configure control software
Configure control software
Customize user interface
Customize the user interface and more

Key benefits of production support software

Lower qualification requirements
Lower qualification requirements for the personnel
Minimized equipment time
Minimized equipment setup and calibration time
Human errors reduced
Potential human errors reduced

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