Our client, a prominent solutions provider for geological exploration organizations, sought a comprehensive solution for receiving environmental information, meteorological data sharing, and seamless communication between specialists. The primary focus was on data security, cross-platform compatibility, high-speed data exchange, and continuous 24/7/365 operation.


To meet the client's requirements, a robust system was developed based on Qt, engaging multiple teams from different countries. The project demanded developers with extensive expertise in C++ and Qt to create crucial components.


Our multi-level solution comprises several internal servers, client applications, and a role and privilege management system that facilitates seamless user configuration based on their roles rather than individual accounts. Key components developed by our specialists include the user roles management system and the messenger.

Functions of the user roles management system:

• Assignment and editing of roles based on areas of responsibility, professional rank, and location.
• Moderation of user information and access privileges.
• Providing role-based access to specific information, content editing, and administrative functions.

Functions of the messenger:

• Secure and high-speed exchange of messages and data.
• Organization of group chats for users with specific roles.
• Displaying current active roles and users with special authority.

Leveraging Qt, we ensured quick and cost-effective design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the software, offering high performance and a host of benefits, including cross-platform compatibility and an extensive library of ready-made controls.

Features of the solution based on the Qt cross-platform application development framework



Highly productive C++ framework

High performance

Cross-platform libraries, APIs, tools.

Decrease time to market

Large library of ready-made controls

Save time/reduce cost, intuitive experiences.

Open solution

High security

The project development followed an agile methodology, with our team providing weekly demo versions to establish productive communication with the client team and synchronize development tools seamlessly.

Technology Stack:

• Programming language: C++
• Interface: QtWidgets, QML
• Protocol: LDAP
• Server: eJabber
• Domain controller: Samba AD


Our high-performance solution, equipped with an intuitive GUI, empowers system users to communicate securely and exchange critical information across various devices. Emphasizing software security tools and IT security tools, our Qt-based solution guarantees a high-security system, meeting the stringent demands of geological exploration units.