Smart Balancing is a Swedish clean-tech company that develops and markets equipment for balancing of heating and cooling systems.


HVAC systems must be balanced periodically using special equipment to achieve optimum performance. Correctly balanced heating and cooling equipment reduces energy costs, increases comfort and reduces a negative impact on the environment.
The customer needed to develop software for the new balancing equipment. The solution must provide the communication between the sensor and mobile devices, visualization of valves performance, calculate optimal system characteristics, store a history of changes.


We have developed a software ecosystem according to customer requirements within the projected time frame.
Balancing complex consists of measuring sensor, software for mobile devices and data management system. The sensor is intended for data acquisition from HVAC valves, then the data is downloaded to the mobile device (edge device) and transferred to the data storage. Technician using the sensor adjusts the system to achieve optimum performance, the measured data and system settings are saved and used for the subsequent balancing of HVAC equipment.
For proper balancing, the technician needs to know the valve type. Our system includes an extensive library with information about the majority of the existing balancing valves on the market. The system is flexible and allows users to expand the list of supported equipment.
The mobile device allows users to view readings, export data to the data storage, send reports by email. Central storage is used to store information, collect data from mobile devices, generate complex reports. We have provided an automatic synchronization of data between different devices.

Technology stack: C++, Java, Apache Ant, Android Studio.


The use of our software allows to adjust the working parameters of cooling and heating systems to pre-calculated values, which in turn leads to higher comfort and reduced energy consumption.
The user-friendly interface makes it easy to monitor and collect measurement data, improves efficiency and simplifies the work of personnel.