With a global presence spanning 28 countries and a dedicated team exceeding 6,000 professionals, our customer is at the forefront of providing comprehensive test and measurement solutions to the automotive industry.

Modern testbed systems involve a multitude of measuring devices, each with various configuration options. The intricate setup process, often requiring high-qualified specialists, results in substantial time consumption and training costs. To address this challenge, our customer sought to optimize the hardware configuration routine, aiming to reduce setup time and enhance overall efficiency.

In collaboration with the customer's engineers, Applied Systems specialists defined device integration conventions, interfaces, and data formats. This collaborative effort enabled the test automation system to seamlessly recognize connected devices, incorporate device parameters, and offer specialized control panels.

The implementation process involved addressing migration challenges for legacy instruments, ensuring a smooth transition.
Applied Systems team provided the verification procedure, which allows ensuring the compliance of the devices to agreed conventions. In order to reduce a time for problem resolution, we provided diagnostics tools that allow resolving configuration issues quickly.

Key benefits:

• Streamlining the device configuration routine;
• Increasing productive testbed time;
• Supporting the migration process for legacy devices;
• Reducing personnel training costs.

The implemented configuration toolset provides a unified solution for integrating all existing and future customer instruments. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the configuration process for new tests with just a few mouse clicks.

Results at a Glance:

• Up to 50% reduction in device setup time;
• Increased equipment uptime by up to 40%;
• Reduced personnel training costs by up to 50%.

Applied Systems' automated configuration toolset empowers our customer to optimize their testbed instrument setup, resulting in tangible time savings, improved operational efficiency, and cost reductions. This tailored solution exemplifies our commitment to enhancing industrial automation processes through innovative configuration development.