Austrian-based manufacturer of engine, transmission, emission testing products and supplier to BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, and other vehicle manufacturers.

One of the customer’s key expertise areas is the measurement of exhaust gas emissions on vehicle test beds. Such tests are performed on a chassis dynamometer in compliance with the strict requirements determined by regulatory standards for test runs. A special application displays a speed/time curve and specifies a prescribed speed profile for the driver while operating the vehicle under test on the test bed.

The client wished to replace existing stand-alone application with a modern browser solution to meet advanced standards. The large number of settings, the long history of changes in the software, and accuracy requirements have made the task challenging.

Applied Systems developed a browser app that meets the customer’s requirements:

Visualization accuracy (better visualization of actual position on the prescribed speed profile, tolerance bands, essential data about the test such as the test phase, actual speed, the number of speed violations, alarms, etc.);
• High refresh rate to make the speed profile curve clear and smooth;
• No delays exceeding 1/10 of a second in the refresh rate.

The solution provides the driver with a graphical display of scheduled speed during testing.

Technology stack
HTML5/CSS, C/C++, JavaScript

Applied Systems’ solution has become an essential component of the exhaust gas measurement system. Using HTML5 as the key technology has brought numerous advantages such as cross-platform compatibility (PC, tablet), easy access to data for mobile devices, Wi-Fi support, improved overall robustness as well as reliability and OS independence. The only software unit that should be installed on the notebook or tablet of the driver is a common Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

The speed profile can be displayed not only for the driver inside the vehicle but also for test cell operators.