Our Austrian-based client, a renowned manufacturer of engine, transmission, and emission testing products, proudly supplies to esteemed vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes.


A core area of the customer's expertise lies in exhaust gas emissions measurement on vehicle test beds, where tests are conducted on a chassis dynamometer in strict compliance with regulatory standards. To enhance the process, a specialized application was utilized to display a speed/time curve and specify a prescribed speed profile for the driver during vehicle testing.

The client aimed to replace the existing stand-alone application with a modern web-based solution, adhering to advanced standards. However, the task presented challenges due to the large number of settings, the history of changes in the software, and the precision requirements.


Applied Systems rose to the challenge and developed a cutting-edge browser app, catering to the client's specific requirements. The web application boasts the following features:

• Enhanced Visualization Accuracy: Better representation of the actual position on the prescribed speed profile, tolerance bands, and essential data about the test, such as the test phase, actual speed, number of speed violations, alarms, etc.
• High Refresh Rate: Ensuring the speed profile curve is clear and smooth, facilitating seamless monitoring.
• Minimal Delays: Delays in the refresh rate are kept below 1/10 of a second for real-time responsiveness.

The browser app empowers drivers with graphical displays of scheduled speeds during testing, greatly enhancing the overall testing experience.


Applied Systems' web visualization solution has seamlessly integrated into the exhaust gas measurement system, elevating the testing process to new heights. Leveraging HTML5 as the key technology offered numerous advantages, including:

• Cross-Platform Compatibility: The web app works flawlessly on various devices such as PCs and tablets.
• Mobile Device Access: The app allows easy access to data on mobile devices, offering convenience and flexibility.
• Wi-Fi Support: Users can enjoy seamless connectivity and data sharing over Wi-Fi.
• Improved Robustness and Reliability: The solution boasts enhanced overall stability and performance.
• OS Independence: The app functions seamlessly across various operating systems.
• Simplified Deployment: Users only need a common Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome installed on their notebooks or tablets.

Notably, the speed profile visualization is not only accessible to drivers within the vehicle but also to test cell operators, improving collaboration and data monitoring.
Applied Systems' expertise in web application development, web app design, and industrial web visualization, along with data visualization tools, has resulted in a cutting-edge solution that enhances speed profile display and testing procedures.