Our customer, an Austrian-based manufacturer, is a trusted supplier of engine, transmission, and emission testing products to leading vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes.

Coast down testing stands as one of the most prevalent procedures in the automotive industry. This test assesses vehicle movement resistances, including aerodynamic drag, brake drag, bearing and transmission drag, where parasitic drags act counter to the vehicle's motion.

During a coast down test, a vehicle is driven to a specific speed, the gear is shifted to neutral, and the vehicle coasts until it comes to a stop. Simultaneously, the test records the speed profile, traveled distance, and other critical parameters.
One of the primary requirements for successful coast down testing is adherence to the prescribed speed limit. Our customer sought a specialized software tool to aid drivers in maintaining the designated speed profile while operating the vehicle on the test bed.

To meet the customer's requirement for a cross-platform application compatible with various desktop and mobile devices, we selected HTML5 as the technology of choice. HTML5 aligns perfectly with customer expectations, and our team possesses extensive expertise in developing high-performance web applications.
The solution developed offers real-time data visualization essential for conducting coast down testing, including the speed profile, force, and power. It allows drivers to view these critical measurements with a high refresh rate and save them for later analysis.

Key Functions:

• Real-time display of current measurements from the tested vehicle;
• Data storage for historical analysis;
• Record keeping of any deviations from specified procedures along with reasons for the deviations.

Applied Systems' solution has seamlessly integrated into the customer's automotive test system, providing drivers and test operators easy access to the specific data essential for successful coast down testing.