Crafting a dynamic cloud-based backend system for personalized TV advertising, featuring an ad server, profiling server, and ad editing software accessible through a set-top box, effortlessly linked to a TV via an HDMI stick. Additionally, an innovative tablet app was ingeniously designed to provide an engaging second screen experience.

Customer, a forward-thinking Karlsruhe-based startup on a quest for IT expertise and a dedicated development team to ascend as a premier provider of personalized advertising and ad-sponsored TV services.

The project's timeline unfolded across multiple phases. Kicking off, the project squad architected the system and strategically aligned with pertinent technologies. In a mere 10 days, they masterminded a comprehensive solution concept, poised to seamlessly fulfill the client’s distinctive demands.

The prescribed solution needed scalability as its backbone: envisioning a user base surge to 10 million within three years. Flexibility was paramount, enabling granular analysis of consumer behavior and bespoke dissemination of tailored advertising content to users.

A pivotal necessity was the ability to seamlessly swap generic ad videos with personalized ones directly on user set-top boxes, contingent upon broadcaster cooperation and technical viability.
Imposing a stringent time frame, a dedicated team was imperative - previous collaborations with service providers had proven unsatisfactory. Thus, within a month, a formidable team crystallized, ready to orchestrate the envisioned solution within a compact 6–8-month span.

A dynamic brigade of 24 seasoned developers spearheaded a SCRUM-driven development initiative. Efficiency underscored their mission, fragmenting the team into subunits, each entrusted with specific realms: cloud development, set-top box, Android proficiency, seamless integration, and rigorous testing. Orchestrating the symphony, a customer liaison diligently monitored and communicated evolving project requisites.

The project charter called for a ground-up creation, devoid of reliance on pre-existing prototypes. Remarkably, the entirety of this ambitious vision materialized within the stipulated timeframe. Worth highlighting, the impeccable success owes a debt to the unwavering quality and accessibility of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

In a span of seven months, the meticulously tailored solution manifested in consonance with the client’s exacting specifications.

The brainchild of the project is a versatile backend framework, orchestrating user management, content distribution, nuanced user profiles, ad orchestration, and dynamic audience segmentation. An Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is complemented by a comprehensive vehicle search portal, a vivid 3D store, and the immersive ocleen app marketplace.

The operating system boasts Linux and Android compatibility for set-top boxes, replete with remote control functionality. Equipped with insightful user behavior analysis, this platform empowers ad overlay, screen partitioning, and seamless replacement of advertising videos.

Completing the ecosystem, a seamlessly functioning tablet app affords a gamut of services including TV programming, in-depth behavior analysis, personalized EPG, customizable TV channels, recording capabilities, a media repository, video-on-demand, and an engaging 3D store.

With a simple HDMI connection, the standard TV metamorphoses into a Smart TV, effortlessly harnessing the innovative potential of