Accounting and control of nuclear fuel are performed in accordance with the strict regulations. The operating procedures at different objects vary significantly. The national and international regulations may change from time to time, therefore the control system should be able to adapt the accounting processes and reporting documentation to changing requirements as necessary.

The challenge was to ensure continuous compliance of our nuclear material accounting and control system with the requirements of regulators using only the built-in tools. Ensuring the security of information was also an important issue; the system customization should be performed by the facility personnel without the involvement of outside staff.

Before the development of automated nuclear material accounting and control system, we analyzed the operating procedures at various objects and revealed common patterns and differences in working of nuclear facilities.

Our experts have identified elementary steps (blocks) that are independent from each other in the operation processes of handling nuclear materials. These blocks allow personnel to compile sequences that correspond to the operating procedures of the specific facility. Each block includes one or more customizable document templates with a set of basic fields, which makes it possible to receive automatically completed working and reporting documents.

The ability to compile process operations from individual modules gives the system the necessary flexibility and adaptability. When changing the regulations for handling nuclear materials at the facility, personnel may adjust the number of blocks or their location relative to each other. The possibility of making changes is limited in accordance with the rights of the user.

Our accounting and control system for nuclear materials includes the built-in validation function of operating procedures. The system can automatically check the consistency of the operation structure, input information and the possibility of involving resources in the process operation.
The built-in module allows configuring the nuclear material accounting and control system in accordance with all relevant national and international standards. Personnel of nuclear facilities with the help of our configurator can solve the complex task of adapting the operation processes to different objects and changing regulations.