The customer is a leading Austria-based manufacturer specializing in engine, transmission, and emission testing systems for a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, and large engines. Our collaboration focuses on seamlessly integrating our charge monitoring system into their vehicle testing infrastructure.


As experts in vehicle testing systems, our customer faced the challenge of adapting to the evolving landscape of hybrid and electric cars. Emission tests, crucial for certifying these vehicles, required real-time monitoring of battery charge and environmental parameters. The challenge was to develop a solution encompassing real-time monitoring, control, configuration of measuring devices, data storage, and integration into the existing test automation system.


The Applied Systems development team responded with a tailored solution - an independent charge monitoring system for electric cars undergoing emission tests. Key functions of the system include:

  • Planning a charging schedule;
  • Environmental condition monitoring;
  • Real-time monitoring of charging operations;
  • Integration of measured data into the test automation system.

Our desktop application with local data storage ensures the seamless monitoring and storage of charging information (power, current, voltage) and environmental data (temperature, humidity, pressure). This toolset supports data integration into the customer's test automation system.

Compatibility is a priority, and our system effortlessly integrates with devices from various manufacturers (such as VAISALA, HIOKI), ensuring control over environmental conditions during tests.

The user-friendly interface facilitates interaction with the customer's test control system, allowing users to transfer data in the required format and integrate information about battery charging and environmental conditions into the test facility.

Our charge monitoring system offers a robust solution for controlling the charging process of electric cars, seamlessly integrated into customer's test facility. The toolset empowers operators with full control over charging stations, real-time visualization, efficient processing of incoming information, and delivery of data required for vehicle tests to the test automation system.