The customer is an Austria-based manufacturer of engine, transmission and emission testing systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction, large engines and their integration into the vehicle.

The customer manufactures vehicle testing systems. Monitoring of battery charging process and environmental conditions is a necessary component of electric vehicles testing, this information is required for emission tests that are performed to certify of hybrid and electric cars.
The customer needed to develop a solution for real-time monitoring of battery charge and environmental parameters, control and configuration of measuring devices, storage of gathered information, and data integration into the test automation system.

Applied Systems developers have created an independent system to monitor the charging of electric cars between various emission vehicle tests.

Functions of the charge monitoring system:

  • planning a charging schedule,
  • environmental condition monitoring,
  • real-time monitoring of charging operations,
  • integration of measured data into the test automation system.


The toolset is a desktop application with local data storage. The solution provides the ability to monitor and store charging information (power, current, voltage), environmental data (temperature, humidity, pressure), and integrate measured data into the test automation system.
We have developed an interface for interaction with the customer's test control system, enabling users to transfer of data in the required format, integrate information about battery charging and environmental conditions into the customer's test facility.
We have provided compatibility of the charge monitoring system with various devices from different manufacturers (VAISALA, HIOKI, etc.) to control the environmental conditions.
The system operator can configure the charging and measuring devices according to the requirements of a specific emission vehicle test.

The created GUI visualizes in real time the information about the charging points, connected cars, charging time (start and end time of charging), charging parameters, environmental conditions. The operator can specify which of the collected data to display on the charging station widget. The information about charging operations can be sorted, grouped, or edited.

The toolset enables to transfer of the information required for testing (pre-test and post-test data, integration data) to the customer's test automation system.

We have created the system to control charging process of electric cars and integrated it into the customer's test facility. The monitoring toolset enables full control over charging stations, real-time visualization, processing of incoming information and delivery of data required for vehicle tests to the test automation system.